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Magic and the Supernatural

Edited by Scott E. Hendrix and Timothy J. Shannon
ISBN: 978-1-84888-095-5
File Type: eBook (.pdf)

This volume brings together papers presented at the 1st Global Conference on Magic and the Supernatural held in Salzburg, Austria, in 2010. The result is a truly interdisciplinary examination of the subject.

This volume brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines, ranging from psychology to philosophy, history to religious studies, from around the globe in order to consider questions relating to magic and the supernatural. Literary theorists consider what True Blood has to say about American society and how we are to understand elements of the fantastic in Guillermo del Torro's Pan's Labrynth. Historians tackle the astrology of Galileo and Marsilio Ficino's view of magic. The theme that ties all of this together is a deep commitment to interdisciplinary work and a desire to understand why magic and the supernatural have had such an enduring allure across time and across cultures.

Table of Contents

Scott Hendrix

PART 1 Philosophy, Religion and Magic

Magic and Practical Agency 
Brian Feltham

Art, Love and Magic in Marsilio Ficino's De Amore 
Juan Pablo Maggiotti

The Jinn: An Equivalent to Evil in 20th Century Arabian Nights and Days
Orchida Ismail and Lamya Ramadan

PART 2 Magic and History

Rational Astrology and Empiricism, From Pico to Galileo 
Scott E. Hendrix

Between Religion and Magic: Clerics and Common People in the Lier Witch Trials of 1589 and 1603
Vrajabhūmi Vanderheyden

PART 3 Magic and Literature

'I am a witch and I like it!': Black Magic and Witchcraft in Mikhail Bulgakov's Master and Margarita
Natalia Kaloh Vid

Fantasy and Myth in Pan's Labyrinth: Analysis of Guillermo del Toro's Symbolic Imagery
María Teresa DePaoli

PART 4 The Supernatural and Popular Culture

Coming-of-Age among Sasquatches and Tree Spirits: Supernatural Guides in Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach
Martina Rössler

The Maids, Mother and 'The Other One' of the Discworld 
Jacquelyn Bent and Helen Gavin

Popular Necromancy: How Supernatural and True Blood are Attracting Mass Viewers and Putting them in Touch with the Dark Side of Human Nature
Margot McGovern

PART 5 The Supernatural and Societies

The Characteristics of Modern Magic: Students' Superstitions 
Eglė Savickaitė

Surviving in the World of the Machines: The Developmental Psychologist's Account of Magical Belief in the Age of Science
Eugene Subbotsky

Magic in an African Context 
Uchenna B. Okeja

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About the Author(s)/Editor(s)
Scott E. Hendrix is an Assistant Professor of History at Carroll University (USA). His books include How Albert the Great's Speculum Astronomiae Was Interpreted and Used by Four Centuries of Readers (Edwin Mellen, 2010) and Rational Magic, co-edited with Brian Feltham (Interdisciplinary Press, 2010). He specializes in the intellectual history of medieval and early modern Europe.

Timothy J. Shannon is a 2012 graduate of the history program at Carroll University (USA). A 2011 recipient of the Scholarly Writing Award in the Humanities, his primary interest is in Modern European History.

Key Words
Magic, supernatural, astrology, witchcraft, True Blood, history, anthropology, psychology, Marsilio Ficino, African studies.

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